Podcasting is a fantastic medium to connect with your audience, regardless of the type of your business, your brand, or your goals are in creating content. Podcast listeners all have the same goals: to be entertained, educated, or inspired.

But, since podcasting is mostly a one-way means of communicating, it’s difficult for content creators to know how their content is resonating with listeners.

There are just 2 ways with podcasting to indicate whether a show is moving the needle with your listeners: downloads and ratings/reviews.

For the new podcaster – Ratings and Reviews, for the most part, are ratings/reviews within iTunes. Other podcast platforms allow for some ratings and reviews. But  iTunes is the only platform of any consequence, garnering 60-70% of all podcast listening taking place on the Apple Podcast player.


Why should you ask for a rating and review for your podcast?
Because they are valuable in so many ways…

  • Create impact for your podcast’s ranking within iTunes
  • It’s the social proof aspect of growing your audience – share Ratings and Reviews from other listeners with your audience on social media.
  • It’s not easy to leave a review – submitted ratings and reviews show that you have an active audience.
  • Get more listeners – listeners want to read other listeners’ opinions on what they think about your podcast.
  • Help people discover your podcast – let others talk about your podcast.
  • It generates genuine listener feedback – again, it’s not easy to leave a review or comment, so the listeners’ efforts are emotionally driven.
  • Idea creation for upcoming podcasts – podcast episodes that elicit more comments and reviews are more of what you should continue to create.
  • A public “Thank You” you can use upcoming episodes – everybody loves the sound of their own name.
  • Testimonials for your website – you have a website to help you be more visible, so let your listeners tell your story.
  • Testimonials for your podcast media kit – which leads to the next point…
    Advertisers love proof of a call-to-action audience


How will my PleaseReviewMyPodcast page will encourage Ratings & Reviews?
By giving your listeners step-by-step instructions on how to leave you a valuable review! Watch the video below, or review our sample page here.


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